Anime-zing Gelish

A beautiful new colour added to my Gelish range – Anime-zing.  Come try it for yourself



Are you stimulating your cells?

Using your Revival Masque? Great! It’s helping stimulate your skin cells to produce growth factors, and lift and tighten your skin dramatically. Why not add the ANP collagen support to go even further – promoting your collagen production whilst helping to prevent its breakdown. These two products work along side each other for optimum results. #nomoresaggingforme #greatskintightening
Corinne ❤️


See the difference in your skin in 7 days

All my clients that own a roll-cit. DID YOU KNOW… if you up your rollering you will see a significant change to your skin after just 7 consecutive days of using your roller. Why not try it and tell me about your changes. Corinne ❤️


Skincare by Corinne introduce a beautiful home fragrance range to you

I’m sooo pleased to launch these gorgeous home fragrances at my salon. I am currently sporting the pink pepper and plum reed diffuser in my salon. Can’t wait for you all to experience this fragrance sensation. Available as reed diffusers and candles. Great for your home or an amazing Christmas gift 🎁